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Solar panels lose efficiency or even become faulty when squirrels and pigeons decide to visit or nest. For this very reason, proofing can be worth its weight in gold, protecting your investment with many years of excellent service.

Pigeons are by far the most common nuisance pest affecting solar panels in the UK today. Fortunately protecting your solar panels is simple with our Bristol based pigeon control service.

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Reasons To Protect Solar From Pests

We use a variety of methods to ensure your solar panels remain protected from nesting pigeons and grey squirrels.

Pigeons drive people insane with disturbed sleep caused by persistent cooing and large cleaning bills for bird mess. Worse still, the pigeons bring with them a variety of insect parasites that can affect humans, like bird mites.

But surely it's not all bad news? Sorry, it is. The next problem will be gutters and roof drainage clogged and blocked with guano, dead birds and nesting debris. This, in turn, causes water to cascade off roofs onto structures below, causing damp and other damage.

Finally, consider the worst scenario - Fire! Squirrels are frequently responsible for roof fires and birds nesting beneath panels is a potential recipe for disaster.

Ultrasonic & Bio-Accoustic Pigeon Deterrents

These sound super cheap and easy to use, but we found from experience that these devices have NEVER been seen to be effective, ever!

Devices that are sold emitting high pitch noises to control pests are often audible to young children and pets, causing distress. We never recommend these devices and would warn against any such devices unless there is overwhelming proof that they have worked without distress to non-target animals and humans.

Methods of Pigeon Proofing Solar

Most solar proofing consists of steel mesh fixed in place with special clips that shouldn't invalidate panel warranties. The installation should not scratch or otherwise damage panels and the end result is discreet from the ground.

Mesh is deployed in such a way that birds and squirrels are unable to penetrate the space beneath the panels.

The only way to keep birds off the roof completely is bird netting. Spikes can be used to discourage birds from roosting or resting on specific areas of the roof, but netting is the only whole roof system for complete control.

The mesh proofing is designed only to prevent ingress beneath solar panels.

Birds are often a problem with chimneys too. Once scaffold is in place it would be prudent to ensure any defects or proofing options for your chimney are also assessed and addressed.

Scaffolding is expensive, so it pays to handle any roof issues at one point in time!

Roof Access For Solar Bird Proofing

Roof access can for the largest part of any proofing job. Scaffolding is never cheap. Prepare to budget for at least £300.00+ per rise to be safe. A two-story property will require two rises or £600.00+ of scaffolding.

The whole roof perimeter will need to be scaffolded to remain safe, and features that could quickly add to the complexity and cost of any access system include extensions, conservatories and pagodas, etc.

Other common considerations overlooked by most people are the additional uses of that scaffold once in place.

Chimneys and roof ridges are common roosting and resting points for birds. Bird spikes, wires, gels are just some of the additional products that could help prevent birds nesting and roosting.

Three Vital Requirements of Any Access-Scaffold System

1. Ensure scaffolding is inspected for safety prior to being commissioned.

2. Ensure that ladders are provided by the scaffold company for easy access from the ground up. Many companies won't provide ladders from ground level unless requested in advance.

3. Anticipate have the scaffold up for a few weeks. If inclement weather or some other unforeseen issue arises that delays the proofing at any stage, it will be necessary to leave the scaffold in place far longer than agreed by the scaffold company.

Why not just use a cherry picker or other powered access? Powered access is often paid for by the day. If there is any delay in work it can prove a costly miscalculation.

Access is rarely easy in urban areas, and work is best completed in comfort, where we have time to pay our fullest attention to the proofing work, rather than on the clock!

Shooting or Disturbing Roosting and Nesting Birds

We have customers and hear reports of people using air weapons, BB guns, super soakers and even catapults to keep pigeons of their solar panels and roofs.

Directly targeting birds is not always illegal, but using weapons that launch or fire projectiles could be lethal to people below.

Powerful water jets could also dislodge debris, loose tiles and cement and send fragments hurtling to the ground with catastrophic consequences.

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