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Why Do You Need A Drain Survey?

90% of the rodent control investigations we undertake each and every day in and around the City of Bristol are directly attributed to damaged or faulty drains.

80% of properties will have been extended or had the drains modified in some way in the last ten years.

50% of customers inherit a rat problem when they move home and 70% will have used three or more pest control services - council or private without success. Almost none will have ever had a professional pay any attention or even make a suggestion that their drains might be the root cause of their rat problems.

Customers who have had the guidance to have drains inspected use at least one drain company to check for drain faults and 75% of those return a verdict of no problems seen. But we have saved the best for last, because almost 80% of professional drain inspections fail to identify faults that we discover and repairs carried out under insurance fail to fix the problem properly.

Even the local water authority, responsible for the "shared" drains, sewers and storm drains, fail in 25% of cases to check for and repair drain faults properly! We know, because we go back afterwards and check their repairs and findings.

Although it might seem that our statistics are a little way out to some people viewing, we know they are accurate based on our own data.

The sad truth is that rodent control has changed very little in decades, and the the cycle of "BAIT - STINK - FLIES - REPEAT" is outdated, unpleasant and wastes your money - it almost never solves the problem with any permanence.


We "SOLVE" and avoid the traditional cycle of: Bait - Stink - Flies - Repeat! Customers across Bristol are now enjoying the tranquility of a rodent free home because we consider everything, especially the drains!

"UNIQUE INSPECTIONS". Drains, wall cavities, roof voids, cellars and Kitchens etc, are all considered in our unique inspection process. Everything we do is focused on solving your rat problem and not just treating it. Better still, in some cases the solution is free!