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Emergency Flea Control - FAQ's

When Do Fleas Need Emergency Control?

Reasons Fleas Become Infestations In Your Home:

> Ineffective Control: Get Pet Treatments From Your Vet.

Most flea control products bought in shops are older or herbal varieties and versions of previous products. These fail to cause a dent in pet flea populations because they are completely immune to them, allowing flea activity to gather strength in spite of your best efforts.

The products and treatments found at your local vet will be the very latest formulas and will also be the very safest for your pet cat or dog.

> The Wrong Vacuum - Forget Suction! Vacuums Need to Have a Rotary Brush.

The most common vacuum found in customers homes who've been subjected to a serious and sudden outbreak of biting fleas is a good old pull along or compact vacuum!

These small vacuums might look fine, but whatever the claims ANY brand makes - it's the presence of a rotary brush that separates the carpet fibers rather than simply gliding over the top of them, that can make all the difference.

The next important point to be considered is that of vibration. When an upright vacuum passes over the carpet, the vibration caused by the rotary brush actively encourages the insects to burst out of their pupae straight into the vacuum, instead of onto you for a blood meal.

> No Pet - No food! - Don't Exclude Treated Pets From Infested Areas.

A common mistake people often make is to exclude the pet in question from infested areas. Worse still, we sometimes hear from pet owners who have got rid of the puppy or kitten thinking this would solve the problem.

The treatments that vets apply to our pets ensure that once a flea bites the chemical kills it. Unlike when these pesky parasites bite us - they have a great blood and then drop of us feeling all special inside! So a pet that has been corectly treated is the best form of roaming flea control.

> Lax House keeping - Thorough Cleaning Must Include All Low Footfall Areas.

Low foot fall areas are all the areas most people never clean. These include the spaces down the side of your sofa cushions or the areas behind doors, under larger items of furniture and even your door mat!

> Floor Boards & Laminate - Steam Treatment of Gaps and Edges is Vital.

chemical sprays are very infective at penetrating the gaps between floor boards effectively because the head of the spray usually produces a fan shaped spray. The best treatment for smaller gaps is steam and steam is very safe.

> Underestimated - Many Weeks of Diligent Control is Required.

Most fleas hatch within a few weeks but the can remain active for up to a year. This means that any form of control will only prove 99% effective. 100% control can take up to a year!

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