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Enjoying your bath?

When it comes to rats, this is what happens when you let them live under your bath. In the next video clip you will see the massive rat that was living there.

Rats entering and visiting in peoples homes from drains are common, but they almost always try to return to the social group they came from. This video showed how a rat in a student property was able to live undiscovered, feeding on the food the occupants left out on tables and in bins.

It demonstrates why regular inspections are so important in rented properties where the residents have little vested interest in the maintenance of the building.


Oh what a big girl she is.

It takes a big rat to scare us, but she was big!


This nest easily tops the charts as one of the busiest entrances we have seen

At first glance we thought it was honey bees going in and out of this wall, due to the large number of flying insects whizzing in and out. It was to our surprise that on closer inspection it was wasps, so it must be a very, very large nest. If you watch closely you can see them removing mud from the nest. This is a clear sign that they were excavating the nest cavity, to make it larger!


This nest was awesome.

10 - 20 seconds before we started filming this, we had treated the nest enterance. It seemed to be of average activity, but this nest was alot bigger than we first thought. Imagine if you had tried this with a can of supermarket spray. It would have taken you more than 20 seconds to spray it, and by then? Well you can imagine the rest.


Not the lawn you want to picnic on.

This nest was perfectly hidden in a customers lawn. You could only see it when you were about 2 meters from it.


Wasps Building a Nest on a Bird Feeder

These are Tree Wasps building a very pretty nest.


When Ants decide to swarm

We get called to treat ants all the time during the warmer days of the summer, but conditions need to be near perfect for you to witness them swarming. This was filmed one afternoon near Bristol as I was sat in the car. What you don't see on the film is the spiders being flushed out of the wall by the ants, only to return seconds later to prey on the large queen ants and drag them back into the wall. Creepy!


We have many more videos to bring you soon.

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