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Bristol Masonry Bee Control

Bristol Masonry Bee Control

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Bristol masonry bees control

What Are Mason or Masonry Bees?

Masonry bees or mason bees as they are also known are a common species of solitary bee that attack the old or badly maintained mortar between the bricks of our homes, but they also nest in many other areas where damage to mortar is does not occur. For this reason bees in walls or in bricks are seen as economically important in cases where large numbers of bees are present, and only a nuisance in any other location.

Masonry bees are most active and problematic, from early spring through to mid summer and are commonly confused with honey bees and wasps

Are Masonry Bees Dangerous?

Masonry bees do have a sting and we have heard reports from our customers that they have been stung by these bees. In general, a couple of bees is not much to be concerned about - however if you have dozens of bees, the likelihood that people with delicate skin might receive a sting, will of course increase. Where stings have been reported, the stings have not been left in, like those of the honey bee and have not caused significant adverse reactions - only pain and reddening of the skin.

What Should I do If I'm Stung?

What Damage Do Masonry Bees Cause?

There are many different kinds of Masonry Bee in the UK, but all can cause damage to structures. In most cases this damage is only slight, but in a small percentage of cases, this damage is significant, requiring structural repairs that can cost thousands.

Although these bees are considered solitary, they do in fact seem to re-nest in the place they developed, meaning that populations remain in place for decades and as each new brood matures, ever greater numbers of bees seem to be present at that location with a large number of bees sharing the same entry holes, but using different nesting chambers.

Over many years this damage can reduce the weather resistance of a property, allowing water to penetrate the fabric of the building along with other pests!

Are Masonry Bees Easy To Control?

Getting rid of bees in walls is not as simple as it seems because each hole needs to be treated and many bee infestations involve hundreds of holes requiring pest control activities to remove and destroy the bees causing concern. Repairing the mortar is a solution, but sometimes causes newly hatched bees to emerge internally - so they end up inside your home.

Where masonry bees are present in other places, especially under the tiles of some roofs, they are almost impossible to eliminate safely without significant cost and structural intervention. Bees in smaller concentrations are far easier to control if absolutely required.

Getting Rid Of Masonry Bees - is it legal?

Yes - The damage caused, makes them a pest of economic importance - they have no legal protection.

Common Places Masonry Bees Nest

Masonry Bees Are Common In Window Frames and Vents

masonry bees in windows

Masonry Bees In Air Bricks Is A common Sight

masonry bees in vents

Masonry Bees Between Roof Tiles Can Become Swarms

masonry bees in roof tiles

Do Masonry Bees Produce Honey?

No - They are solitary not social and are different in a number of ways to Honey Bees.

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Bristol Masonry Bee Advice: Getting rid of Wasps and other insects like Bumble Bees, Wasps and Rats is not as simple as many pesticide manufacturers will lead you to believe. The chemicals or poisons on offer in supermarkets and shops often have a fraction of the effect that is achieved through professional products and this means you are likely to get through many cans of treatment without actually achieving full control. As the only Bristol Masonry Bee exterminator offering a dedicated insect control service, we are able to deliver solutions that are guaranteed to work.

Environmental health services, are all about understanding the pests you are trying to eliminate or prevent so you can make the environment less conducive to them. The Wasp for example creates a wasp nest early in the year so if you wanted to control wasps in Bristol you would probably guess that checking for a new wasp nest in your loft in April and May would allow you to remove a wasp nest safely before it became too large. By understanding your pest, you are able to plan control in advance, before infestation occurs and the cost of elimination becomes high.

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