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The Cuckoo Wasps - Dolichovespula adultarina and D.austriaca

A secretive and unwelcome visitor

bristol wasp removal bristol wasp removal

Pictured: The Median Wasp (we are hoping to get a pic of the cuckoo wasp soon!)

The Cuckoo Wasps - FAQ's

These species are parasites of the red wasp (Vespula rufa) and the Saxon wasp (Dolichovespula saxonica).

The queen enters the nest of the red wasp once the nest is well developed and attempts to kill the defending queen. If successful, she will kill the existing offspring of their previous queen and lay her own eggs in the nest.

Once mature the newly emerging males and queens leave the nest not to be replaced and the nest quickly becomes abandoned.

Compare Wasps & Bees?

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First is the Bumble Bee then Honey Bee and then a Hornet and then a more common Wasp. It is clear to see the differences between them. If you have bees "CLICK HERE

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