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The Red Wasp

The Red Wasp: Vespula rufa

An elusive wasp, not fond of sweet things

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The Red Wasp (Vespula rufa) FAQ's

This species is 11 - 18 mm long and found across much of the UK where it prefers rural environments. Unlike other wasps this species tends to represent less of a nuisance and health risk to humans as it does not scavenge for meat and the adults feed on nectar.

This is quite elusive, and we rarely see them. We had one nest in 2008 and nothing since. Lets hope this year will be different.

The adults Face has a thick black vertical line, sometimes forming an anchor like mark, a feature it shares with its relative V. vulgaris.

Another feature of this species is that the malar space is very short.

The antennae are black at the base and there are only two yellow spots on the thorax.

Tibiae without long hairs but the 1st abdominal segment has long black hairs and the rufous markings are characteristic in the first and second abdominal segments.

It builds a subterranean nest covered in more or less smooth sheet.

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Environmental health services, are all about understanding the pests you are trying to eliminate or prevent so you can make the environment less conducive to them. Wasps for example creates a wasp nest early in the year so if you wanted to exterminate wasps in The Bristol Area you would probably guess that checking for a new wasp nest in your loft in April and May would allow you to remove a wasp nest safely before it became too large. By understanding your pest, you are able to plan treatments in advance, before infestation occurs and the cost of elimination becomes high.

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